Richard Kwesell | Infotainer and Magician

Richard Kwesell's Biography Richard Kwesell is a Magician, Mentalist, Stage Pick-Pocket and Motivational Keynote Speaker who has been called upon by many of the top Fortune 500 corporations when they need impact and want to shake things up with a memorable delivery of their message at sales meetings, trade shows, conventions, wake-up sessions and corporate meetings of all kinds.

Richard combines his knowledge of psychology and body language with nineteen years of intensive international study as a Magician, Mentalist, Infotainer, Stage Pick-Pocket, Potentalist, Perceptionist, Mind-Reader and Psychology and Body Language expert to custom craft with your team the perfect performance or keynote, emphasizing your targeted message and highlighting it with amazing illusions and psychological techniques to impress and astonish your audience so that the impact will be remembered for years and years to come.

Richard Kwesell is an expert at crafting a powerful sales, marketing, or motivational performance that highlights your theme or goals and delivering it in such a way that your audience will understand it, internalize it, and more importantly implement it. Richard Kwesell is also the international best-selling author of Creating Customers for Life, How to Grow Any Business in Any Condition Through Personal Relationships and is currently releasing his next book, Social Ninjitsu, The Real Work of Social Dynamics. Richard resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where his free time is spent enjoying a variety of extreme mountain sports. He brings his motivational and lacrosse experience to his position as Head Coach for one of the Top 5 "Under 13" Lacrosse teams in Colorado and is active in many projects in his community and charities worldwide..

Richard Kwesell was a born performer in Chi-Town--Chicago, Illinois. Kwesell's recognition for his talents won him a scholarship to pursue both the fine arts and the performing arts in Israel. Richard spent the next fifteen months in the college of life, traveling through 11 countries in the Middle East and later into South America, studying the mysteries of sleight-of-hand and sleight-of-mind. These experiences were well documented with daily journal entries and reads like a Hollywood production, including a cast of colorful characters ranging from Egyptian scoundrels and Jordanian secret police, to Arabian princes and falcon hunting. (But that is a story for another time, be sure to ask Richard in person.) The art of entertaining with genuine deception has brought Kwesell to 19 countries worldwide, amazing audiences with childlike astonishment.

He is constantly sought after by the top Fortune 500 Corporations-- to present, speak, infotain and entertain at corporate galas of all kinds. Whether it be at sales meetings, seminars, awards banquets, wake-up sessions, team building, holiday galas, tradeshows presentations, fundraisers, universities or hospitality suites, Kwesell will engage and motivate audiences of 5 to 5,000 every time, making the audience the stars of the show and dissolving social barriers as everyone erupts into uncontrollable laughter together, as one gelled audience.

Richard Kwesell is a member of the Society of American Magicians, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Enchidad Magico Argentina, the Lions Club, and is one of a select handful of foreigners to receive the honor of "Special Member" status in the Circle of Brazilian Illusionists. Kwesell is one public speaker/mentalist/magician/perceptionist who believes in entertaining his audiences through engagement, guaranteeing miracles and memories every time. He lives with the belief that any entertainer is only as good as his/her last performance and each exhibition must be unique and customized.